Quickly Troubleshoot and Transform Problem Situations

Pulse Measurement – A High Value Diagnostic Engagement

Pulse Measurement High Value Diagnostic Engagement -- Dr James A Robertson

1. Brief taken from the Chief Executive.

2. One hour one-on-one interviews with Executives with finely honed questions.

3. Walkthrough of the Business by the CEO or other Executive.

4. Walkthrough of the function, project or system in question.

5. Report with approximately seven ranked actionable “Critical Findings”.

6. Approximately seven ranked, actionable “Key Recommendations”.

7. Available to assist with implementation.

Critical Questions Regarding the Pulse Measurement

Critical Questions Regarding the Pulse Measurement -- Dr James A Robertson
  1. Proven over many years.
  2. Founded on rigorous Engineering training and experience.
  3. Draws heavily on combat training with regard to Military Quick Attack doctrines.
  4. Very diverse knowledge and experience of diverse industries and problems enables rapid recognition of root cause and prescription of proven solutions.
  5. Diverse experience and first principles knowledge enables rapid understanding of any  issue.
  6. Most recommendations are common sense, readily understood and immediately actionable.
  7. Full support offered with regard to implementation of recommendations.

Examples of Pulse Measurement Outcomes

Critical Questions Regarding the Pulse Measurement -- Dr James A Robertson-- Dr James A Robertson

Following are some examples of Pulse Measurements and their outcomes:

Since the method and the findings relate to business principles, governance, psychology and related issues and since the fundamental technologies involved occur globally I have complete confidence that the method will be entirely relevant to your organization.

– turning around a decision by a client executive team to scrap a system based on a one day investigation,

– turning around a failing four hundred million pound project in two days,

– identifying a fundamental defect in an implementation that was in the process of putting a client organization out of business and equipping the chief executive to take a new direction and roll back to the previous system in five weeks thus saving the business — “”the best decision we ever took”” — director of the company six months after Dr Robertson’s recommendation was acted upon

There have been many other cases of  projects and departments turned around, major expenditure averted and major benefits delivered

It is not uncommon for a Pulse Measurement to save a client millions and sometimes even tens of millions of Pounds or open the door to greatly increased benefits — or both

“The lights have just gone on” — exclamation by Executive Director of a client organization at the end of the second day of a Pulse Measurement when I provided a summing up of the investigation to that point and diagnosed the root cause of a project that was nine months behind schedule.

Extensive, Robust Engineering Training and Deep Practical Experience

Diverse Industries

Over the years I have worked with clients in a very great diversity of industries including Investment, Consulting, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Mining, Construction, Correctional Services, Government, etc.

This gives me a very broad base of experience with which to diagnose issues for new clients and formulate effective high value solutions that in many cases can be quickly and easily implemented.

It also enables me to formulate comprehensive solutions to complex business problems.

Diverse Systems

I have worked on projects with a wide diversity of Business Information Systems including large bespoke corporate systems, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, Sage X3, JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, Syspro, ProMan, etc.

This gives me the ability to quickly and effectively understand the issues with any system implementation and formulate high value solutions. It also gives me the ability to rapidly identify whether a problem is technical or corporate in nature.

Diverse Problems Solved

I have investigated, diagnosed and solved diverse problems ranging from genuine technical problems to diverse governance, relationship, Human Resource Management, configuration, system operation and other problems.

This enables me to rapidly recognize a wide diversity of problems because I have seen them before and already know the solution, this is the essence of my “Business Strategy Doctor” moniker and the concept behind the “Pulse Measurement”