Facilitation and Advisory

In-person coaching, training, facilitation and advisory services

Dr James A Robertson
Dr James A Robertson

In addition to the tools and video training material we offer a full range of remote and in-person coaching, training, facilitation and advisory services.

This includes:

– formal hands on training with the use of the tools for an individual or group of personnel from an organization

– formal coaching on the use of the tools including sitting in on a workshop and supporting the in-house facilitator to develop their skills

– facilitation in which I provide the full facilitation service including the preparatory interviews, orientation briefing and formal facilitation for a day with an in-house facilitator observing followed by a day of coaching with the in-house facilitator being guided by me ranging to a situation in which you do not appoint an in-house facilitator and I provide the full service

– general strategy advisory with regard to the application of the tools and method of working, interpretation of the results and general advisory in whatever form required

All the above can be provided remotely or on-site or a combination of both.

Business Information Systems Strategic Services

A significant amount of my strategic experience relates to the strategic application of business information systems, particularly ERP systems.

I have undertaken a significant number of IT related Pulse Measurements as well as full project implementations and have helped many clients to achieve notable successes. I have also assisted clients with robust tender based procurement of computerized business information systems.

I can assist you too.

Please contact me for more information.

Extensive, Robust Engineering Training and Deep Practical Experience

Diverse Industries

Over the years I have worked with clients in a very great diversity of industries including Investment, Consulting, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Mining, Construction, Correctional Services, Government, etc.

This gives me a very broad base of experience with which to diagnose issues for new clients and formulate effective high value solutions that in many cases can be quickly and easily implemented.

It also enables me to formulate comprehensive solutions to complex business problems.

Diverse Systems

I have worked on projects with a wide diversity of Business Information Systems including large bespoke corporate systems, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, Sage X3, JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, Syspro, ProMan, etc.

This gives me the ability to quickly and effectively understand the issues with any system implementation and formulate high value solutions. It also gives me the ability to rapidly identify whether a problem is technical or corporate in nature.

Diverse Problems Solved

I have investigated, diagnosed and solved diverse problems ranging from genuine technical problems to diverse governance, relationship, Human Resource Management, configuration, system operation and other problems.

This enables me to rapidly recognize a wide diversity of problems because I have seen them before and already know the solution, this is the essence of my “Business Strategy Doctor” moniker and the concept behind the “Pulse Measurement”