Instantly Improve your Decision Making

Instantly Improve your Decision Making

"If you haven't seen it, you won't believe it!"

Businessman trying to compete with man astride rocket

Our tools and methods are easy to learn and quick to apply such that with our StratSnap© tool you can be making better decisions within hours of starting to use the tool.

Capability – Align Team and Adapt Quickly

Rapidly collect and align team views – views of the Mountain.  Planning with trackable strategic action is critical.  Professional racers constantly adjust course with accuracy.  The organization that is first to adjust course ahead of a storm wins.

Our tool and method rapidly highlight destructive misalignment and provides a mechanism to align and focus the team.

Confidence – Jump Higher

Jump higher – because you know for sure you can.  Plans using our tool and method give you confidence that you have mobilized the combined wisdom of your leadership team and focused on what really matters.

Focused Decision Making

Quickly and easily apply Critical Issues thinking and methods to analyse questions like:

  1. “Critical Success factors for overcoming the challenges of the Pandemic”
  2. “What are our Market Attractiveness Factors for immediate business”
  3. “What are our core differentiators in this economy”

Put your energy into focused decision making – no wandering or confusion.

Achieve Clarity In Uncertainty and Change

There is so much uncertainty and change in the world right now – HOW does one analyse the situation and make better decisions?  

Do not be frozen into inaction because we think we can’t make decisions until the future becomes clearer – if that is your organization it implies something is wrong with your current method. 

If things have changed we can’t ignore them –uncertainty and change are accelerating –  demands clarity, awareness and practical wisdom for rapid decision making.

Solid Foundation

You need a repeatable method for decision making.  I have mobilized my Engineering, Military and Business experience to develop a tool and method that will instantly improve your analysis of your competitive environment. 

Actionable Plans

Using our tool and method you can quickly assess the overall trajectory of your organization with regard to your focus question/s and define the Gap between where you are heading and where you want to be.  Our optional companion Gap Analysis tool and method will enable you to quickly determine what you need to do in order to close the gap and return to / improve profitable operation.

Immediate and Long Term

The tool is suited to both immediate on the spot decision making as well as long term strategic analysis and design.  Strategic planning methods apply to short term situations too.  The tool is based on Excel so with basic knowledge of Excel you will find it easy to use.

Extensive, Robust Engineering Training and Deep Practical Experience

Diverse Industries

Over the years I have worked with clients in a very great diversity of industries including Investment, Consulting, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Mining, Construction, Correctional Services, Government, etc.

This gives me a very broad base of experience with which to diagnose issues for new clients and formulate effective high value solutions that in many cases can be quickly and easily implemented.

It also enables me to formulate comprehensive solutions to complex business problems.

Diverse Systems

I have worked on projects with a wide diversity of Business Information Systems including large bespoke corporate systems, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, Sage X3, JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, Syspro, ProMan, etc.

This gives me the ability to quickly and effectively understand the issues with any system implementation and formulate high value solutions. It also gives me the ability to rapidly identify whether a problem is technical or corporate in nature.

Diverse Problems Solved

I have investigated, diagnosed and solved diverse problems ranging from genuine technical problems to diverse governance, relationship, Human Resource Management, configuration, system operation and other problems.

This enables me to rapidly recognize a wide diversity of problems because I have seen them before and already know the solution, this is the essence of my “Business Strategy Doctor” moniker and the concept behind the “Pulse Measurement”