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Dr James A Robertson
Dr James A Robertson

Founder and Principal Consultant

James has a Doctorate in Engineering, was a Regimental Commander in part time forces for a number of years, has a solid grounding in economics and many years executive consulting experience.

He developed the Strategic Planning Suite over a number of years in response to the realization that there was not a Strategic Planning tool and method that met his rigorous requirements based on his training as an Engineer and as a Regimental Commander both of which required a level of rigour and reproducibility that was lacking in most solutions.

His tools and method are designed to be readily taken on board by any organization and are simple to use for anyone with reasonable knowledge of Excel.

He has been resident in London, in the United Kingdom since 2013 and is a British citizen.

Having worked in Executive Management for a number of years James has recently returned to the consulting arena and has converted his in-house strategic planning tools into a suite of tools and supporting training videos suitable for application in organizations of any size.

He is also available to provide services remotely to clients anywhere in the World.

James is strongly results orientated and this is reflected in his tools and his overall approach to Strategic Planning.

Margot Murphy
Margot M Murphy

Strategic Advisor and Principal Consultant

Margot is a vibrant thought-leader and respected author.

In addition to holding degrees in Economics and International Business. She has a proven track record in business development for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies.

Margot is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Vitalize Your Workforce, an innovative consultancy specializing in energizing and equipping personnel at all levels in organizations to work energetically and effectively in support of the strategic goals of their employer company.

Margot provides strategic and marketing inputs into James A Robertson and Associates and uses James’ techniques and tools in her business.

Paul Leigh
Paul J Leigh

Technology Lead and Consultant

Paul is an accomplished IT management professional with a record of achievement across multiple industries.

He led the information technology functions of the Human Sciences Research Council and of Pannar Seed. With Corteva Agrisicence, Paul was accountable for IT solutions and service delivery across Africa and the Middle-East.

Paul engaged James to facilitate the development of Pannar’s strategic plans and to apply James’s unique strategic planning methods to effectively resolve the people, process and technology problems within Paul’s units. James’s critical issues analysis, actionable plans and scorecard were transformative and served the Pannar unit for 5 years when the company was acquired by Du Pont de Nemours.

In 2020, Paul joined forces with James A Robertson & Associates and has been the driving force behind the many technological innovations that have been introduced to JAR&A.

Paul holds a bachelor degree in Information Systems and Business Economics. He is certified in IT Service Management  (ITIL Expert), COBIT I&T Governance, and Agile project management (Professional Scrum Master). 

Paul is a British citizen and a naturalized South African passport holder.

Extensive, Robust Engineering Training and Deep Practical Experience

Diverse Industries

Over the years I have worked with clients in a very great diversity of industries including Investment, Consulting, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Mining, Construction, Correctional Services, Government, etc.

This gives me a very broad base of experience with which to diagnose issues for new clients and formulate effective high value solutions that in many cases can be quickly and easily implemented.

It also enables me to formulate comprehensive solutions to complex business problems.

Diverse Systems

I have worked on projects with a wide diversity of Business Information Systems including large bespoke corporate systems, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, Sage X3, JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, Syspro, ProMan, etc.

This gives me the ability to quickly and effectively understand the issues with any system implementation and formulate high value solutions. It also gives me the ability to rapidly identify whether a problem is technical or corporate in nature.

Diverse Problems Solved

I have investigated, diagnosed and solved diverse problems ranging from genuine technical problems to diverse governance, relationship, Human Resource Management, configuration, system operation and other problems.

This enables me to rapidly recognize a wide diversity of problems because I have seen them before and already know the solution, this is the essence of my “Business Strategy Doctor” moniker and the concept behind the “Pulse Measurement”