Solutions Designed and Implemented
to Stand the Test of Time and Deliver High Value

Strategic and Operational Planning – Our Core Differentiators

Our offering is different and better on each of the following counts:

Precision engineering plus quick attack military methods are unique

Engineering coupled with military methods.  Military efficiency applied to problems and decisions.   What REALLY matters to prevent people getting killed.  Engineering and military methods are not part of competition’s offering – some competitors have engineering, others have military, virtually none have both.

Continuous focus on critical factors

Continuous focus on critical factors / critical elements / critical issues.  All elements of the tools and processes focus on the critical factors such that the plan is highly optimized for maximum impact.  Our competitors do not do this.

Leads alignment dialog – high consensus, team alignment

The methods are collaborative and inclusive, they mobilizes the collective wisdom of the team in a way that maximizes common understanding and consensus.  This leads to the alignment dialog being based on critical factors and enables tracking of who is in alignment and who is not.  The whole approach builds consensus as an organic outcome of the way of working.

Portable, quick and easy, high impact drives understanding and effective decision making

The tools and method are highly portable – use them at a restaurant table or in the board room for planning for a major corporation.  Quick, easy, high impact analysis drives understanding and insightful decision making.  The process is clear so there is less wandering.   The processes are highly time efficient – get to decision points more quickly.  The approach is quick and therefore less costly for the client and enables a better result in less time.

Equipping the client to think clearly and work effectively and independently

We focus on equipping the client to do it themselves.  We are not selling an army of inexperienced junior consultants to follow a recipe and achieve profit margin.  Clients can quickly and easily learn to use the processes themselves with detailed videos to help them.  The toolset is a collection of processes which are individually simple and easy to use.  We don’t do market analysis – we equip the client to do the market analysis quickly and efficiently harnessing their deep knowledge of the market and the business.

Scalable – organization or problem of any size

The methods are scalable – they work for clients of all sizes from a one person business to a large corporate and for problems of any size.  applicable to any situation – structure your PowerPoint presentation and analyse the impact of the Pandemic.  So we can assist micro, small and medium sized companies who would not normally afford strategy consultants.

Traceable and repeatable – reassess assumptions

Entire approach is based on fundamental first principles – common sense – logical – easy to apply – the final plan can be traced back to the original analysis and how things unfolded so there is a high level of congruency and buy-in.

Extensive, Robust Engineering Training and Deep Practical Experience

Diverse Industries

Over the years I have worked with clients in a very great diversity of industries including Investment, Consulting, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Mining, Construction, Correctional Services, Government, etc.

This gives me a very broad base of experience with which to diagnose issues for new clients and formulate effective high value solutions that in many cases can be quickly and easily implemented.

It also enables me to formulate comprehensive solutions to complex business problems.

Diverse Systems

I have worked on projects with a wide diversity of Business Information Systems including large bespoke corporate systems, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, Sage X3, JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, Syspro, ProMan, etc.

This gives me the ability to quickly and effectively understand the issues with any system implementation and formulate high value solutions. It also gives me the ability to rapidly identify whether a problem is technical or corporate in nature.

Diverse Problems Solved

I have investigated, diagnosed and solved diverse problems ranging from genuine technical problems to diverse governance, relationship, Human Resource Management, configuration, system operation and other problems.

This enables me to rapidly recognize a wide diversity of problems because I have seen them before and already know the solution, this is the essence of my “Business Strategy Doctor” moniker and the concept behind the “Pulse Measurement”