The Market is Brittle

The Market is Brittle

Now the Government has opened the door there is still a safety consciousness post vaccination where people want to feel safe before they go out and start to lead normal lives again. It is a big determinant of a decision to do anything outside the door – from talking to other people upwards.
This Uncertainty is an inhibitor,

Article: WHY your Strategic Plan is NOT Delivering… and How to Fix it

WHY your Strategic Plan is NOT Delivering and HOW to FIX it (part 1)

For much of my career I have assisted clients to design and implement strategic projects. Over those decades I have witnessed successful projects and disastrous projects. I have investigated dozens of failed and failing projects and prescribed the medicine to turn them around. I call this intervention a “Pulse Measurement”.

The Power of an Executive with a Blank Sheet of Paper

The Power of an Executive with a Blank Sheet of Paper (part 2)

In this second part of the article, I will outline the approach that we use in strategic planning and tactical analysis that is based on the principles outlined in part 1, and which you can apply to your planning. In fact, this approach is valid in a wide variety of organizational endeavors.